Rocky Mountain Division 2014/15 Season Awards


03/04/15 –All Rocky Mountain Division teams sat down to nominate and vote on who this season’s Coach of the Year and MVP will be awarded during half time of this year’s All Star Game in addition to the Golden Boot (Most goals scored), Golden Net (Best save percentage; playing at least 240 minutes), Offensive Player of the Year (Best all-around offensive statistics), and Defensive Player of the Year (Best all-around defensive statistics for non-keepers).

Offensive Player of the Year – Udobong Obotette

Led the division with 24 points (13 goals and 11 assists).

“Udobong is one of our strongest players offensively and defensively. He gets it done on both ends of the field, if he isn't scoring or laying off an assist he is back defending to win the ball back and starting a counter attack. His pace and skill set makes him one of the top players in the PASL and the RMD. His tenacity on the field sometimes comes across as a little brash, but he is a team leader on and off the field. He makes everyone around him a better player.” Coach John Wells, Colorado Blizzard.

Defensive Player of the Year – Hans Hassell

Led the division with 31 blocks.

“For his efforts and hard work on game days Hans Hassell has been selected as the Defensive Player of the year but the stats and award don’t paint the entire picture and the contributions Hans has made to the Denver Dynamite Soccer Club this year amount to something way bigger than that. During the 2014/15 season Hans has shown he has the integrity and characteristics of a true leader.  Every day at Practice, off the field and as the team captain Hans has exhibited his true qualities and experience in arena soccer. The loyalty and commitment he has shown to his club and his dedication to his team this year has been extraordinary and I proudly can say Hans is well deserving of this recognition.” Coach Joe Webb, Denver Dynamite.

Golden Net – Jarod Thomas

Led the division in save percentage during the 401 minutes he played.

“Jarod Thomas is an Arvada product that played at collegiate soccer at Lincoln College before transferring to U.C.C.S. He has been anchor for the outdoor RCE Men's First team for a number of years. His constant vocal direction from the goal and positive sideline manner makes him a team leader on and off the field. Jarod's passion for the game is obvious from the volunteer free time he gives working with our Real Colorado Edge club youth players. He was the consistent foundation for our team this season.” Sporting Director, Micah Loring, Real Colorado Edge.

Golden Boot & MVP– Francisco Puente

Led the division in scoring with 14 goals in 8 games.

“He's the most diverse player in the league.  He is able to play on either wing as well through the center of the field, making him a versatile attacker, capable of playing in any offensive position. He's known for his acceleration, technical skill, control and dribbling ability, as well as his flair in beating players during one on one situations.” Coach Juan Gutirrez, Rocky Mountain Bighorns.

Coach of the Year – Steve Lepper

Garnered a 7 wins and the Rocky Mountain Division Title.

“Took a team that went 3-5 and struggled to look like an indoor team last year and turned it into a team that wrapped up the league championship in 6 games this season.  We scored more goals than anyone in the league and gave up fewer goals than anyone in the league - all while pulling off all our best players when we were clearly going to win games.” Manager Johhny Freeston, Avery Brewing FC.

The Rocky Mountain Division All Star Game will be 8:30pm on March 7th at the Miller Activity Complex in Castle Rock, CO while the post season National Championships will be played in Dallas March 20th and 21st.



Rocky Mountain Division | 2016-17

Played Wins Draw Lost Diff Points Win Percent
Colorado Blizzard
Colorado Blizzard 7 7 0 0 56 - 33 21 1
Freedom FC
Freedom FC 7 5 0 2 44 - 36 15 .714
Rocky Mtn. Bighorns
Rocky Mtn. Bighorns 8 5 0 3 64 - 59 15 .625
Arena FC
Arena FC 8 2 0 6 34 - 53 6 .250
Golden Strikers
Golden Strikers 8 0 0 8 50 - 67 0 .000

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