Rocky Mountain Roundup - Week 7

 A Week 7 that was light in action with only one match was light in goals as well....

On Saturday night in Monument, the Colorado Blizzard faced the Edwards Freedom for the second straight game.   The first half saw impressive defensive play on both sides, with the home team scoring one goal in each quarter.  With a 2-0 lead at the half, the Blizzard started to pick it up on offense in the 3rd Quarter, scoring 2 more goals for a 4-0 lead.  In the final Quarter, a 6th foul penalty by Edwards gave the Blizzard a power play, which they took full advantage of to take a 5-0 lead.  Edwards would not give up, and in the process took risks resulting in another goal, losing 6-0.  The one constant was the Blizzard defense and Goaltender Justin Dzuba, who made 16 saves in his first shutout of the season.  Dzuba has 5 career shutouts in the PASL, a very impressive statistic.  Ryan Creager led the Blizzard attack with 2 goals. 

Blizzard Coach John Wells had this to say: "With the great crowd we had tonight Dzuba picked a good night to have a shutout, the crowd was yelling and cheering every time he made a save, and the rest of the team fed off that energy. Overall it was a good performance by the players as we look forward to our return leg against the Dynamite next weekend. I will also be glad to have back several of our first choice players who have been away at Pro Combines trying to apply their trade at the next level. Thanks to all who came out and supported the Blizzard on Saturday night."

After Week 7, the standings look like this......

Rocky Mountain Division GP W L T Pts
Colorado Blizzard  5 5 0 0 15     One win away from clinching first            
Ft. Collins Fury   6 3 2 1 10    
The weekend of Feb.10/11 will decide their fate...
Denver Dynamite   3 1 2 0 3     5 games in the next 3 weeks, a huge month for the Dynamite            
Edwards Freedom   6 0 5 1 1     A doubleheader on Feb.11th to end the season

Week 8 sees only one match as well, and it's a big one.  The undefeated Blizzard travel to Arvada to play at the home of the Denver Dynamite for the first time, on Friday night at 9:30 pm.  So far the Dynamite have come closer to beating the Blizzard than anyone else this season.  Both teams look to be at full strength in the league home opener for the Dynamite.  A win for the Blizzard will not only clinch a playoff spot, but it would clinch first place and the right to host the Division Championship Game.  The Dynamite, who do not want to see their rivals from the south clinch the regular season in their home opener, also need the victory to keep pace with the Fury for second place. 

Rocky Mountain Division | 2016-17

Played Wins Draw Lost Diff Points Win Percent
Colorado Blizzard
Colorado Blizzard 7 7 0 0 56 - 33 21 1
Freedom FC
Freedom FC 7 5 0 2 44 - 36 15 .714
Rocky Mtn. Bighorns
Rocky Mtn. Bighorns 8 5 0 3 64 - 59 15 .625
Arena FC
Arena FC 8 2 0 6 34 - 53 6 .250
Golden Strikers
Golden Strikers 8 0 0 8 50 - 67 0 .000

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