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Rocky Mountain Roundup 2016/17 - Week 3

Rocky Mountain Division Matches Almost Too Close to Call


1/25/17 – Week 3 demonstrated how competitive 2016-17 season can be in the Rocky Mountain Division of the PASL. Both games this past weekend were decided by a single goal in the final minutes of the match; a trend that has now accounted for 5 of the 6 games so far this season.

The Rocky Mountain Bighorns came charging into the high country against Edwards Freedom FC; amassing a 5 to 2 lead by the end of the 3rd quarter; before the Freedom staged a 5 goal come from behind fourth quarter performance to take the 7-6 win in the final 90 seconds of play. Then the Golden Strikers returned to action on the road against the Colorado Blizzard with a similar mindset.  Falling behind 4 to 1 at halftime; Golden, behind the foot of Jack Jones began striking their way for a comeback of their own – outscoring the Blizzard 4 to 2 in the final 2 quarters – but find their selves still one goal short and fall 6-5 in front of 300 Blizzard faithful.

This weekend Golden returns to the Soccer Haus Sports Arena; this time to face the Bighorns on a Friday night at 7:30PM.  Across town the following night at the Colorado Springs Sports Center Arena FC will play host to the Freedom FC at 7:55PM.



PASL Rocky Mountain Division Team of the Week

Freedom FC Forward, Ceasar Castillo, has been named the RMD Player of the Week for Week Three of the 2016-17 season after cashing in on his 2nd hat trick of the season and jettisoning to the top of the offensive chars for both points and goals.

Here is the complete Team of the Week for Week Three of the PASL Rocky Mountain Division:

GK – Miguel Reyes, Rocky Mountain Bighorns: Making 20 stops with a 74% save percentage in an intense shootout.

D – Gabe Causse, Colorado Blizzard: 1 goal, 1 assist and 3 blocks proves tough to beat in either zone.

D – Blas Ramos, Rocky Mountain Bighorns: With 1 goal and 5 blocks; nowhere on the pitch is safe.

F – Marcus Jordan, Colorado Blizzard:  A block with 2 goals on just 3 shots proves lethally effective.

F – Caesar CastilloFreedom FC: Second hat trick of the season in the midst of the 4th quarter comeback of the season.

F – Jack Jones, Golden Strikers: Turned in a hat trick as he and his Strikers attempted a massive second half comeback.


Honorable Mention: MF – Neftali Garcia (Rocky Mountain Bighorns), MF – Radu Marcu (Golden Strikers)