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Colorado Blizzard
Colorado Blizzard

Rocky Mountain Division
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Parker Wells

6 0000300000000000

Daniel Coredero

4 3032000000030000

Gabriel Causse

5 112101100000020000

Gerrardo Gaytan

6 1125400000020000

Joshua Gaytan

1 0000000000000000

Marcus Jordan

7 11415267000001693200

Franky Perez

3 1127100000432000

Isaiah Selfe

0 0000000000000000

Devin Guidichessi

7 45917600000040000

Casey Gasson

0 0000000000000000

Thomas Hoang

6 11102135500000751100

Ezequiel Gasson

2 0000030137142.5000000

Carlos Villanueva

0 0000000000000000

Markus Reynolds

4 0110000000000000

Brice Colcombe

6 000113200000281000

Andrew White

1 0000000000000000

Tim Goldman

2 0000000000000000

Kyle Knowles

1 0000000000000000
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Blizzard Blog

  • The Premier Arena Soccer League announced on Monday that the Colorado Blizzard along with 6 other top clubs (including the Rocky Mountain Division winning Avery Brewing FC) from this season’s four divisions.  This year, the Nationals will be held at Blue Sky in Allen Texas on Friday March 20th, and the Semi Finals and Championship will be at the Allen Event Center in Allen Texas on March 21st as part...

  • From the opening whistle the Oskar Blues FC players were pressing the issue and put the Blizzard back on their heels as they saw Oskar jump out to a 3-1 lead at the end of the 1st qtr. At the beginning kickoff of the second qtr Oskar caught the Blizzard defenders sleeping and was able to put a ball in behind them and allowed an Oskar player to touch a...

  • In front of a crowd of 200+ the Colorado Blizzard were looking to revenge their only loss from last season at home against the Denver Dynamite. After a very fast paced physical 3 quarters of play, the Blizzard had built an 8-4 lead just to watch it pulled back by a very impressive offensive barrage by the Dynamite's Tony Avery to tie the game at 8-8. The Blizzard with 2:45...

  • Most of the Blizzard team showed up early enough to be able to sit in the Westminster Sports Center and watch the Denver Bronco game. Coach Wells was hoping for a Bronco win not because he is a Bronco fan but because several of his players are Bronco fans and them winning would help put them into a good frame of mind for their game. Only seeing FC Denver once...

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